BLUE PASTA Pure Blue Spaghetti
alla Spirulina


CRYSTAL TACOYAKI Tacoyaki that visualizes
the future of our environment

STEAK ON THE SIDE Steak’s fall from grace

FUTURE SUSHI Sushi is out of fish

UPSIDE-DOWN PUDDING The Pudding Upside Down

Welcome to the Future Cuisine Restaurant “IBUKI”

What do you imagine when you hear "Future Cuisine Restaurant"?
Main dish using never-seen-before ingredients, bread baked with high-tech cooking utensils,
or supplements containing all the necessary nutrition that you can take in a single bite?
What the "Future Cuisine Restaurant IBUKI" offers is somewhat different from such dishes.
What we offer are "dishes that we may be eating in the future
when global warming progresses at its current pace."
Creatures that are on the verge of extinction, crops that can no longer be harvested,
and others that become plentiful.
Would we be able to enjoy our meals even in a future where the environment has changed radically?

It is our wish that, you will think about global warming as an issue that is relevant to your life,
and that this would be a trigger to your action in preventing its further progress.
Please enjoy the special menu that is found nowhere else in the world,
and that will make you feel the “IBUKI” (“breath” in Japanese) of the future.

Observation Satellite “IBUKI” watches greenhouse gases of the Earth.

Observation Satellite “IBUKI”
watches greenhouse gases of the Earth.

The name of this future cuisine restaurant "IBUKI" derives from
JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)'s Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite "IBUKI" (GOSAT).
Global warming is said to be progressing rapidly with greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide
and methane that are emitted as a result of human activities.
"IBUKI" observes the concentration distribution of greenhouse gases throughout the Earth.
Since its launch in 2009, over 9 years of observation data has been accumulated
about how much the concentration of carbon dioxide and methane is increasing in each region of the globe.
In addition, research organizations around the world utilize the data of "IBUKI"
and are conducting research on the prevention of global warming.

Concentration map of carbon dioxide calculated from observation data of "IBUKI" in June 2009 and June 2017


“IBUKI 2” scheduled to launch in 2018

Equipped with a higher performance sensor, "IBUKI 2" is scheduled to be launched
with the capability to observe carbon monoxide and fine particulate matters which help analyze PM 2.5.
in addition to carbon dioxide and methane.
We will contribute to global warming prevention activities with even more accurate observation.

Care for Earth Project

This is a project with a goal of making environmental issues such as global warming
more relevant to our daily lives through “satellites that look after the Earth” such as "IBUKI",
a satellite that observes greenhouse gases,"Shikisai" launched in December 2017,
all of which observe the Earth’s environment in various ways.
The future cuisine restaurant is hosted by JAXA which develops satellites,
environmental specialists, food stylists, and an advertising company.